Saturday 16 March 2013

Highly Recommended 17th March


It's Saint Patrick's day and we want to celebrate.

Here are links to the Irish artists that we've reviewed todate:



Drown in My Own Fears -  poetry journal about the human condition, want poems and photographs reflecting that theme. 

The Bath Short Story Award is an international competition which is looking for stories, on any theme or subject. They must be original and written in English and the deadline is the 30th March.  

Cinnamon Press - deadline March 31st – need 9 new books , novels or novellas.

The winner of the 2013-14 Kathy Fish Fellowship will be considered a "writer in residence" at SmokeLong for four quarterly issues (June 2013, September 2013, December 2013 and March 2014). Each issue will include one flash by the Fellowship winner.

Cactus Heart Press are looking for POETRY AND PROSE on the theme - 
however you choose to interpret it - of the Heart.
Deadline 31st March.

Psalm translation competition - deadline 31st March.
Pick any biblical Psalm and translate it into English (foreign language entries welcome with literal translation included). Mangle, tangle, make strange, reverse, jump off from - in short do whatever you like with your psalm as long as the result is strong poetry. No knowledge of Hebrew is necessary. Entries will be judged (by panel) on originality, musicality, accuracy (to the psalm's spirit), and aesthetics. Send entries to MatthewDLandrum(at)gmail(dot)com.

The Penny Dreadful a Cork based literary journal – are looking for Fiction and Poetry. Deadline 31st March.

Flash Frontier theme for March is  HIGH TIDE and winners will be published in April.
POETRY. Deadline 31st March.

Bare Hands Poetry and Photography Postcard Competition | Closing Date: 31-Mar-13
Four winners will be selected and there will be a shared cash prize of €400. The two winning poems and two winning photographs of the competition will be turned into 2,000 beautiful postcards distributed to leading independent bookshops around the world including Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Derry, Galway, Cork, Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Greece, Sydney, Toronto & Vancouver. They’ll be free so people can just pick them up! .

The theme of the competition is Bare Hands. Deadline March 31st 2013!

ATTIC PRESS are now accepting submissions of novels for a first novel contest. To be eligible, you must never have published a novel with a national press.
Prize: The winner  will receive a $500 advance against royalties,  publication in ebook and POD, and a standard publishing contract. 
Entry fee: $10. Deadline: March 31, 2013


Eabha Rose 
Sharon Frye is a poet from Northern Oklahoma who will be attending this year's Fermoy International Poetry Festival. She has published poems in the Irish journal "the first cut" (Issues 6 & 7), and in  "Between Earth and Sky" by Silver Bow Publishing, Canada. We found this short poem of Sharon's, beautifully read by Eabha Rose, and thought you might enjoy her work
Sharon's poem, "Antihero" is being translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian journal, "O Equador das Coisas!" and her poem "Risen Heroes" will be inscribed on a memorial sculpture dedicated to first responders, by sculptor Dean Thompson in Dallas, Texas.
Her photography is featured on the cover of the poetry book, "Our Patch" by Phillip Larrera of Sacramento, California.
Voice Aquiver is a small sample of her work and also demonstrates the potential which soundcloud offers for poets, especially when teamed with the performance abilities of an artist such as Eabha Rose. The poem is under two minutes long and we hope you enjoy … 

Voice Aquiver - written by Sharon Frye and read by Eabha Rose.


Translations - new magazine - and translation in London.
VerseJunkies are seeking editors to curate 'the world's first journal dedicated solely to the practice of intersemiotic translation - translation between mediums. While this is currently a hot topic in academic discussion, there is no platform which relates it directly to artists/directors/writers/musicians within their respective fields.

The content of VERSEJUNKIES includes scholarly articles and traditional translation alongside established modes of intersemiotic translation (i.e. ekphrasis). We seek to push the boundaries of the term ‘translation’ and welcome relevant media interpretations (film, music, visual arts, dance, writing) of the ‘source’ material posted on our site. 

VERSEJUNKIES is published quarterly with ‘original’ (source) work offered for translation on a rotating basis. For instance, the first issue features the poetry of Thailand’s Zakariya Amataya as the source work. For the second issue, we will be seeking interpretations of a piece from the Middle East selected by Leila Sadeghi.

We will be integrating theoretical and academic aspects of intersemiotic translation: as such, we are always looking for academic papers dealing with issues in intersemiotic translation. 

The traditional format of the print journal will not facilitate a publication with these multifaceted parameters. To circumvent the limitations of traditional publishing venues (solely print, solely media), I have elected to link both the domain name VERSEJUNKIES.COM with our YouTube platform VERSEJUNKIES (as well as other relevant social media networks) as possible venues for publication.


Dan Gioia's essay on Chekov's Short stories in general and 'The Lady with the Pet Dog' in particular. 

Anton Chekhov's late stories mark a pivotal moment in European fiction–the point where nineteenth-century realist conventions of the short story begin their transformation into the modern form. The Russian master, therefore, straddles two traditions. On one side is the anti-Romantic realism of Maupassant with its sharp observation of external social detail and human behavior conveyed within a tightly drawn plot. On the other side is the modern psychological realism of early Joyce in which the action is mostly internal and expressed in an associative narrative built on epiphanic moments…..


Susan Sontag's Diary Excerpts - illustrated. 
The second edition now available.
Sontag on art and aesthetics.

'All aesthetic judgment is really cultural evaluation.' (9/3/1956)


WERNER HERZOG AND CORMAC MC CARTHY - talk science and culture.

Physicist Lawrence M. Krauss suggests that science and art ask the same fundamental question: Who are we, and what is our place in the universe?
Over the next hour, Krauss is joined in his exploration of this question by the great filmmaker Werner Herzog (Grizzly ManEncounters at the End of the World) and 2000 Pulitzer Prize winner Cormack McCarthy (The CrossingThe RoadNo Country For Old Men). Much of their discussion revolves around Herzog’s latest film, the 3-D documentary The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, but they also address bottleneck theorycomplexity science, the history of painting, and the upcoming rise of the machines.

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