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Recommended links and articles 3rd March, 2013.


This week saw the publication of:

The Poetry Bus Magazine -

Edited by Peadar O'Donoghue it contains:
Ninety-three poems by almost as many international poets, plus two visual poems;
Flash Fiction;
Reviews; An article by Dave Lordan  and:
A cd of 12 tracks.

You can find a  sample of one of the tracks, They're saying it's Over from Laura Moody, with visual images from the magazine here:

It is one of the few magazines which indicates the full variety of artistic endeavours happening today.  I am looking forward to reading the entries and listening to the music.

The Poetry Bus Magazine also run a FB group page which you might
want to join if you are interested in getting involved in the next edition:

Contributors in issue four:

A J Huffman                  Afric McGlinchey                   Alan Garvey
Alan Jude Moore           Alan McMonagagle                Anne Tannam
Ariel Dawn                    Arthur Broomfield                  Ben Nardolilli
Bobby Parker                 Bren O’Ruaidh                       Brenda Cusack
C P Stewart                    Clint Wilson                            Clodagh O’Brien
Colm Scully                   Dale Houstman                       Darragh Devaney    
Dave Lewitzky              David R Morgan                     Dimitra Xidous
Eamonn O’Neill            Elaine Feeney                          EM Reapy
Fiona Bolger                  Fiona Sinclair                          Fred Johnston    
Gerard Beirne                Harvey Reislinger                   Ian C Smith
Ian Duhig                       iDrew                                      Ivy Page
Jack Brae Curtingstall    James O’Sullivan                    John Prior
John Saunders               John W Sexton                        Jonathon Greenhause    
Karen Nowviskie          Kate O’Shea                            Ken Keating    
Kevin Kiely                   Kevin Rabas                           Korliss Sewer
Lance Nizami                Laura Cleary                           Lemn Sissay          
Liam Aungier                Lyn Lifshin                             Mark Valentine
Marybeth Rua Larsen   Maurice Devitt                         Michael Brownstein    
Michael Loughran         Michael Touhey                      Mike Absalom
Mike Alexander            Noel King                                Paul T Dillon    
PC Vandall                    Quincy R Lehr                        Rachel Fox      
Richard Halperin           Rosy Wilson                           Sandra Harris
Sarah Clancy                 Sarah Griffin                           Steve Kain
Tim Bradford                Tom Sheehan                          William Doreski
William Neumire

Visual Poems by Christopher Barns
Flash Fiction from Frances Kenny

Illustrations from 
Crona Gallagher          Dale Houstman                     Mike Absalom
Mike Haskett               Padhraig Nolan                     Peadar O’Donoghue
Steve Simpson             Tim Bradford                        Unur Epmakob
Vivienne Baille

Sarah Clancy’s         THANKS FOR NOTHING HIPPIES   by Padhraig Nolan.
Katy Evans Bush’s   ME AND THE DEAD                          by Niamh Bagnall
Bobby Parker’s        COMBERTON                                      by David R Morgan.


Cartoon                       Bobby Parker
Cover art                     Sara Wendy Oliva, front cover
                                      Mark Jenkins, backcover

CD Track by
Afric McGlinchey         Brendan Hickey.                   Dimitra Xidous
Fiona Bolger                 James Yorkston                     John Prior
Korliss Sewer                Laura Moody                        Mike Alexander
PC Vandall                    Rachel Fox                           Stuart Wilde

If you don't already have a copy you should purchase it here:


The SAMUEL BECKETT page shared another great essay by Marjorie Perloff on the acoustic silence in Beckett's Embers. She writes that
Beckett 1971, courtesy of the SAMUEL BECKETT fb Page.

'The Beckett who began to write radio plays in the mid-fifties was no stranger to the medium: in Roussillon, where he lived in hiding from 1942-45, the radio transmitter was the crucial information conduit for Resistance groups, and the BBC, which was to commission All That Fall (1956) and Embers (1959), its main source. Half a century later, as the Columbia Encyclopedia reminds us, radio is still primarily an information medium, a conductor of messages, whether news flashes, announcements of events, weather reports, and today the ubiquitous "sigalerts" that advise the driver about freeway conditions and traffic accidents even as they are taking place.

All the more reason, then, for the radio artist -and Beckett is surely one of the finest - to turn this information function, this relaying of messages from A to B, inside out.


To say that The Battersea Review is set to become one of the more important poetry magazines is surely an understatement. Take a look at the second edition which has just been published  free and online and you'll see immediately that the standard of criticism, poetry and translation included is the highest. Edited by poet and critic Ben Mazer, it contains a huge selection of poetry and criticism by:

Poetry: Saskia Hamilton     Adam Fitzgerald     William Logan
            Todd Swift               Gerard Malanga      James Reidel
            Anand Thakore      Mario Murgia          Charles Bernstein
            Daniel Evans Pritchard                           U.S. Dhuga
            David Ward            J. Robert Oppenheimer
            Peter Behrman de Sinety         and          Petya Ivanova

New translations of Rilke's Russian poems by Philip Nikolayey

Criticism by:Geoffrey O'Brien;         Robert Archambeau;
                     Marjorie Perloff;            Josephine Weinberger
                     Adam Kirsch                 DM Stewart
                     Philip Nikolayev,           David Meltzer
                     Ben Mazer                     Brendan Lorber
                     Bill Berkson and            Rob Chalfen.

Philip Nikolayev's translations of Rilke's poetry is also introduced with a short piece on his Russian poetry. He writes that:

Even in Russia the reading public is barely aware of these early Russian texts by Rilke, though they can be found both in print and online.  Literary Russians tend to see them as curious trifles, a great stranger’s attempts, failed though touching, at poetry in our robust and supple language. Their Russian, unmistakably a foreigner’s, exhibits errors of grammar, usage and scansion. Still, in a handful of lines Rilke manages to get the Russian right, and they ring true as lines of Russian verse.


The Western Writer's Centre shared a piece on a third publication which will interested poets, translators and artists.

'The new issue of 'La Foret des Mille Poetes,' under the editorial baton of the redoubtable René Varennes has been released.
It includes visual art and discussion on a variety of topics outside poetry, as witness its Letters page. 
Varennes's Editorial, while wishing all poets a great New Year, is again a plea for more poetry in the media, a greater public visibility for poetry, and wonders at the possibility of a Cultural Olympics. 
A mere €30 subscription, the address is 13, avenue Reignier, 03310 Néris les Bains, France.

You can get a sample of the kind of artwork which appears in the magazine here:

Coming up this week:

The deadline for the Cuirt New Writing competition, an international competition for Poetry and Fiction, is Friday March 8th.
Copies must be sent in hard copy, so allow extra time to make the deadline.

The Launch of REViVAL Literary Journal takes place this Tuesday, 5th March. Guest speakers are Mark Roper and Fred Johnston and there will be an open mic.
More details:

If you would like to perform your poetry onstage at the GLASTONBURY festival the deadline is next Sunday, 10th March.

Booklaunch -

Synge and the Making of Modern Irish Drama.

by Professor Anthony Roche.

Book Launch - with Joseph O'Connor.
UCD - Campus Bookshop, Tuesday 5th March.
5:30 - 7:00

The book will subsequently be available on:

Anthony Roche is also the author of the best critique of  Brian Friel's plays available -

Brian Friel: Theatre and Politics.

The Campus Bookshop can be contacted at:
Anthony Roche's author page on Amazon has details of his publications:

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