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Highly Recommended 31st March, 2013.


A fascinating look at the ironic and the un ironic in Ashbery and Creeley. - by Andrew Field from

'What do Ashbery and Creeley share besides a certain kind of disappointment, a disillusionment with what Richard Rorty calls “the way things hang together”? For, aside from this initial bewilderment or despair at the way things are – ontologically, epistemologically – Creeley is the poet of the anti-flow, the inept and inert stutter, the desperation of someone who cannot say what he wants to say, so makes a poem out of that.'



We've always known that stories, aphorisms and parables are more effective methods of communicaton. This short article explains the science behind the power of the story.

'When you listen to a PowerPoint presentation, ... two parts of the brain are engaged.... These are simply language processing areas of the brain where words are turned into meaning but nothing else. 
However when we are being told a story not only are these centers of the brain being activated but also the areas of the brain associated with experiencing the events of the story's events come to life too.

For example if the story involves an action such as kicking or running, the motor centre of our brains will light up. .... But there's more ... Scientists have also found that story telling plants emotions, thoughts and ideas in the listener. In studies at Princeton University, the brain activity of a woman telling a story and her listeners were monitored and as she told her story her listeners brain activity went into sync with hers.


Twentieth Century Russian Poetry in Translation:

Poets and Translators:
Philip Nikolayev, Katia Kapovich, Irina Mashinski, Dana Golin, Alexander Cigale, Andrey Gritsman, Larissa Shmailo

HOST Andrey Gristman.
  • 6:00pm until 8:00pm in EDT full details:
  • And here is a sample from russian poet Denis Novikov translated by Philip Nikolayev.

  • Let’s Go, Let’s Take the Shortest Route
    Let’s go, let’s take the shortest route,
    I know a shortcut here,
    to get some bread, smokes, beer,
    fruit soup, what not.

    And on the way we’ll share our life
    stories, naming within that frame
    bright guardian angels of our strife
    with opaque demons of our shame.

    Let’s hear the festive ocarina
    sing, weep and perish, too-doo-loo,
    no, not for a line of cocaine,
    nor for a pint of heady brew.

    It sings, fixed with a chain of metal
    to a high hopeful reverie,
    dilating like a burning prairie
    within the widely narrowed pupil.

    Let’s go. We’ve never been. The basket
    of years floats by like numbered dreams
    churned by Vlad Lenin’s damaged brains
    inside his labradorite casket.

    Dark clouds remain God’s secret lodge,
    and in Red Square the earth’s become
    a wall by oneiric logic
    and all completely dark with time.

    Let’s go then, us, let’s take the shortcut,
    following the expiring sunrays,
    our intellectual walk amusement
    for the patrols of mounted sailors.

    Twentieth Century Russian Poetry will be published by Big Bridge Press :


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    IRISH WRITERS:  The Irish Writers Centre is hosting a publishing day -


    LITERARY AGENT: Sheila Crowley (Nominated as Agent of the Year 2013 )
    AUTHOR: Belinda McKeon
    DIGITAL EXPERT: Eoin Purcell
    PUBLISHER: Brendan Barrington
    BOOK SCOUT and JOURNALIST: Sinéad Gleeson
    Irish writers centre:

    Saturday April 6th: 11am - 4.30pm
    The Irish Writers' Centre is hosting an exciting information day From Novice to Novelist on all things publishing. The day features talks from industry experts and offers the opportunity to pose questions to the speakers. Novelist Belinda McKeon; literary agent with Curtis Brown, Sheila Crowley; publisher Brendan Barrington and digital expert Eoin Purcell will give the inside track on their role within publishing, what they look for from an author, changing trends in the industry here and in the UK, the importance of having something new/different to offer and how to sustain a writing life. Registration is at 10.30am, talks start at 11.00am and run until 4.30pm. Tickets are €60 (€50 for Members) and can be booked by paying online (paypal below) or calling the Centre on 01-8721302.


    Online Poetry workshops with Kim Addonizio.

    I knOw yoU an exhibition showcasing a new generation of some 40 young European artists will open at IMMA on 19 April at Earlsfort Terrace. This article on the exhibition looks at what it means to be European.

    Barry Flanagan The Drummer at IMMA

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