Wednesday 27 March 2013

Index of reviews - by author / publisher.

 Alphabetical list of authors reviewed, with links to their review.

Auge, Celeste.             Short Stories.      Fireproof and Other        

Beckett, Samuel.          Drama.                Before Vanishing:
                          Ohio Impromptu, Footfalls, That Time &, Come and Go.

                                     Drama                  Krapp's Last Tape

Beirne, Gerard.            Poetry.                Games of Chance: A
Gambler’s Manual.

Dear, Nick.                 Drama.                The Dark Earth and the
                                                               Light Sky.
                                Guest reviewer: Peter Lawler.

Dedalus Press.             Poetry.                Airborne: Poetry from

Donaldson, Moyra.      Poetry.                Selected Poems.

Fanning, Arnold Thomas.   Drama        Griswold.

Green, Melissa.            Poetry.                The Squanicook Eclogues.

Jamison, Andrew.        Poetry.                Happy Hour.

Johnston, Fred.            Poetry.                Translations  of his work
                                                                  From French to English.

Keegan, Claire.            Novella.              Foster.

Kostick, Gavin.            Drama.                Fight Night.

Longley, Michael.        Poetry.                Collected Poems

Mazer, Ben.                 Poetry.                January 2008.

McGlinchey, Afric.      Poetry.                The lucky star of hidden things.

McGuckian, Medbh.    Poetry.                 The High Caul Cap.

Miller, Arthur.              Drama.                All My Sons.

Nikolayev, Philip.         Poetry            Letters From Aldenderry.

O'Donoghue, Peadar.  Poetry.                Jewel
           Reviewed by Ann Fallon:

O'Donoghue, Peadar.  Poetry.                Jewel
                          Reviewed by Guest Reviewer, John W. Sexton:

Thayil, Jeet.                 Fiction.               Narcopolis.

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The European Muse:   Influence of translation upon Irish poets.

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