Wednesday 1 May 2013

May publishing deadlines

SPARK Magazine: First things first. If you are interested in submitting you have to be quick. There are three themed issues of Spark – June, July and August 2013 – to submit to. The deadline is the same for all three, and close - 20th May 2013!


  1. “NORFOLK GOTHIC”. We are looking for dark fiction set explicitly in the English county of Norfolk. That is, works which centrally feature Norfolk settings and landscapes and which deal with the sinister side of human nature, containing elements of threat, menace, fear and death.
  2. LITERARY FICTION. We are looking for accessible, original, serious and compelling literary novels – though not experimental fiction.
  3. CRIME FICTION We are looking for sophisticated and original literary crime fiction; dark, fast-paced thrillers (especially those which feature both UK and continental European settings); traditional mainstream detective fiction and procedurals.
  4. FANTASY FICTION. We are looking for adult fantasy novels – science fiction, fantasy and horror, with an emphasis on the literary. These may include stark, post-apocalyptic settings; futureworlds; supernatural thrillers; paranormal adventure; monster fiction (especially with a profoundly literary and original take on species and identity); police states; new urban decadence, fin-de-siècle excess and political and social disorder.
UNFORTUNATELY they are not currently looking for short story or poetry manuscripts.

A new literary journal to keep in mind: CARTAGENA JOURNAL

Hey Everybody! Cartagena is a new journal open for submissions for our inaugural issue!
If it’s helpful, here are some writers we like: Sherman Alexie, Nelson Algren, Steve Almond, Aimee Bender, Jorge Luis Borges, Charles Bukowski, Robert Olen Butler, e.e. cummings, Jonathan Safran Foer, Knut Hamsun, Denis Johnson, James Joyce, Miranda July, Mary Karr, Cormac McCarthy, Henry Miller, Christopher Moore, Lorrie Moore, Pablo Neruda, Anais Nin, Michael Ondaatje, Carl Sandburg, William Saroyan, Jim Shepard, Shel Silverstein, Zadie Smith, Kevin Young. There are many many others and many we have yet to discover. Enlighten us.

Call for submissions: Deadline 15th May. We are accepting poetry, short fiction, prose, essays and visual arts like cartoons, photography, graphic design and video. Email your submissions to

James H. Duncan, tells us that the
Hobo Camp Review 
is accepting submissions for their summer edition.

We like travelers, troubadours, and transients of all shapes and sizes, especially those who can spin a good yarn, one with a sense of vagrancy, dark yet jovial and humble in the most outlaw manner possible. While we like to envision Steinbeck, Li Po, McCullers, Bukowski, and Kerouac sitting around a campfire eating hot dogs and beans with a stray dog named Tom Waits wagging his tail at their feet, we don’t want a rehash. We’ve been eating hash here for months and we’re sick of it. Be original. Be honest. Be on the move. We like tales from the road, Beat-ish poems with a little sparkle and a little dust, and stories that sound good by the firelight with the train running somewhere in the distance, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we like. Try us, we’re an easy going lot. We like to laugh, but we’re just as apt to get all sentimental about home. Either way, it’ll be time to move on soon, so nothing too long. Get creative, get entertaining, and get talking.


Nostrovia! Poetry and Miracle Ezine are seeking your poetry for this micro-chapbook contest. The winner is published in a Nano Poem Collection, and featured in an anthology consisting of the winner and 5 runner ups.

Submission entry is free. I look forward to reading your work!

Jacar Press – 2 books and 1 anthology contest. Deadline 15th May.
Some entry fees here so take a good look at the details attached.

Southern Gothic.  Deadline 31st May.
We are looking for Southern Gothic submissions to be considered for an upcoming e-thology. Send us the best you've got! Show us your version of Southern Gothic. Surprise us, delight us, make us scratch our head in consternation. And, most of all, tell us a fucking good story.

Please include a brief cover letter telling us a little about yourself, where you've published before, etc. But don't worry if this is your first time out: we still want to hear from you!

Stories should be 1,000 to 3,000 words. If you're not familiar with manuscript formats, consult William Shunn's excellent guide (

Art can be in any visual medium (photography, painting, drawing, digital, and beyond). If submitting a photo of a person, you must be able to provide a model release upon acceptance. Files should generally be a minimum of 1,000 pixels on its shortest edge and at least 300dpi.

Audio and video submissions are welcome as well. While these pieces may or may not appear in our final e-book anthology, we may publish them online as part of the anthology release.


Poetry,   Fiction,   Non-Fiction, and  Art.     Deadline for submissions:   May 31st.
Weave Magazine is dark humor and magical realism. Weave is strange and fantastical. Weave also loves realistic narratives in fiction and poetry. Weave loves honest and simple nonfiction, not confessional for confessions sake. Weave loves strong, well-developed characters. Weave especially loves dynamic female characters. Weave loves flawed characters. Weave loves retellings of old stories, fairy tales and myths. Weave loves when writers play with language. Weave loves a poem that grabs our attention early and avoids clichés. Weave loves surprises. Weave also loves poems about animals. We love a good monkey poem, but have yet to find one. On that day, Weave will dance.

PIRENE'S FOUNTAIN: Please read guidelines carefully to ensure a smooth submission process.

Submissions open May 1st for the October 2013 issue. Please send us poems involving anti-terrorism themes.

Magazines with flexible and rolling submission deadlines - so you can submit regularaly:
flexible – rolling:


sundog lit – read all year round

Subterranean Blue Poetry:
Looking for poetry and artwork:

P D Litz - 'Blue'


District Literary Journal:
Art, Poetry and Prose: 

Number Eleven:  a new online literary journal that publishes short stories, flash fiction, graphic novel artwork and illustrations. Number Eleven is published quarterly.

We are looking for new and interesting work. We like to read edgy and arresting prose, stories that have the ability to inspire and amaze us (by that we mean jealous that we didn't write them ourselves). We want to see illustrations and graphic novel artwork that makes us stop and think, artwork that challenges how we see things. If you can create that then we would like to publish it. Playing safe is not an option, we don't want to push boundaries, we want to remove them. Be bold, be brave, be yourself.

Submissions can be sent to Please enter the word 'submission' and your own name in the subject field. Attach a bio as well (100 words or so, nothing epic) just so we know a little about you. We will endeavour to reply to your submission within 4 weeks (but if we don't then don't hate us). At present we are NOT accepting submissions of photography or poetry. Our word count for short stories is 4000 words (we are flexible though) and 800 words for flash fiction. If submitting flash fiction, please don't submit any more than two at a time.

Now get writing, create and share it with us. As Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Graham Connors, Editor

CRIMEWAVE - are always open for submissions of
Photography for cover art work and
New modern crime and mystery short stories of up to  10,000 words in length.

Rufous City Review accepts year-round submissions in original art, poetry, and poetic prose which surprises, unsettles, and excites. We want to experience writing that twists our expectations and reminds us what it means to be obsessed with language.

The Masters Review – new voices:

Pithead chapel
Ongoing submissions , but sometimes they close it when an issue is about to appear. So check.

Ginosko Literary Journal
Accepting short fiction & poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, social justice concerns, spiritual insights.

Editorial lead time 1-2 months; accept simultaneous submissions & reprints; length flexible, accept excerpts. Receives postal submissions & email—prefer email submissions as attachments in Microsoft Works Word Processor, Rich Text Format or Word. Copyright reverts to author. Read year-round.

Ahsahta Press 

have instigated an opening reading month in May 2013 - so you can send until the 31st. There is a small fee of $5.

Able Muse Press:

Poetry and Fiction -
open reading period from

May 1st until June 15th.

Augury Books

POETRY and SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS - Reading fee of $10. but it is open until June 30th.

Thanks for your interest in submitting to Augury Books, an independent New York City press committed to publishing innovative and diverse work from emerging and established writers. We are happy to be opening up our submissions to fiction and poetry this year, so send us your undoubtedly brilliant work and let us shower you with praise.

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