Sunday 6 January 2013

Highly Recommended 6th January 2013

Links and articles of interest to writers and readers.  

Poetry Magazines:
The best collection of online poetry magazines that I have come across. Take a look at the contents here and the list of magazines on the right hand side.

The Battersea Review 
seeks first rate essays on the following topics for their third issue:

Henry Luce (China, Fortune Magazine circa 1930-40, Life Magazine), Henry O. Hauser (Shanghai: City for Sale), Lee Harvey Oswald, Harry Ruby's testimony in the Warren Commission Report, James Jesus Angleton (Furioso, OSS), Modern Architecture, Rudolf Hess, History of the Early Church (incl. in England), Aesthetics, Philosophy of History, Frederick Baumgarten, Wittgenstein, Empson, T.S. Eliot, Henry Reed, Freemasonry, Yeats, Beckett, Joyce, Hart Crane, Harvard Poets, Little Magazines, Yale Critics, Stieglitz, Ricks, Tate, Ransom, Penn Warren, Latham's Oriental Studies, Monads, A.S. Eddington, Jet Propulsion (Aviation in General), Mt. Wilson Observatory, Robert Duncan, Landis Everson, Pogo, Golden Age Cinema, Hitchcock, Delmore Schwartz, Robert Lowell, Freud, Philip Horton, Marie Larisch, A.E. Waite, Citizen Kane/The Magnificent Ambersons, Frank O'Hara, Turing, Oppenheimer, Frazer, Henry Adams, William James, Byron, Pushkin, John Donne, Elizabethans, Drama, Music.

The Birdport Award 
Poems   /   short stories     / flash fiction:        Deadline: 31st May, 2013.

The mission of the Bridport Prize is to encourage emerging writers and promote literary excellence through its competition structure.
Over £15,000 in prize money open to all nationalities aged 16 years and over.

The poem and short story categories each have a first prize of £5,000, second prize £1,000 and third prize £500. An additional 10 supplementary prizes (for each category) of £50 each are awarded.
A new category for flash fiction with a prize of £1,000 was launched in 2010. There is a second prize of £500, 3rd prize of £250 and 3 supplementary prizes of £25.

Tania Hershman 
has listed over 160 UK and Irish literary magazines that accept short stories - a great resource.

The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) blog
includes an essay from Djelloul Marbrook here:

The Green Integer 
is one of those very active and interesting publishing houses. They publish new authors and hard to find classics, as well as reviewing novels, poetry, essays.  Take a look around their site, their reviews and their publishing list.

The new  'Irish Literary Revival'
- a site for out of print, out of stock books to make a reappearance. Some great authors featured and they accept submissions.

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