Sunday 26 August 2012


Anna Livia reviews poetry, fiction and occassionally non-fiction titles, art reviews and music reviews.

We know that our best natural resource is the wealth of talented people that we produce and we feel that new writers and artists do not get enough attention and review space.

We are pro art, and therefore are neither pro nor anti establishment. We review the work which we like regardless of the publishing history of the authors. If you would like your work reviewed please consider the following:

We review fiction, and poetry, we can send reviewers to art exhibitions but would rather see the work online. We give preference to serious or literary work.

We currently have a small team of reviewers so do not bombard us with work - UNLESS is its all absolutely brilliant.

Send us only the work you consider to be your best. 

We would rather deal through your publisher if you have one.

If we do not review your work it is probably due to workload, or because your work does not fall into our remit. Please don't take it personally.

We currently have a small team of reviewers who also have full time jobs so be patient.
If you would like to guest edit a piece please let us know.

If you disagree with our opinions we will publish your comments, but will not tolerate sloppy thinking or personal invective. If you have a strong opinion, back it up with concrete evidence, and as always with ... panache.

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